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Annual Check-up!

Is your computer getting gradually slower? Are there files, folders or programs on your computer that you no longer need?

Whenever our computers are connected to the internet, they are at risk from viruses, and if your computer is shared with others, you can’t be sure that it’s being properly protected. An annual check-up is incredibly useful in preventing problems before they have chance to develop and spread.

We can help you give your computer a good spring clean. First we will identify any major causes of slow performance, and then go through with you step-by-step the process of cleaning the system. At the end of the annual check-up your computer will be fast and up-to-date.

We will:

  • Talk you through the clean-up process
  • Scan for viruses
  • Identify detected problems and advise on how to prevent them
  • Delete unwanted files and software
  • Ensure your computer is functioning at full capacity
  • Install any necessary software to keep your system clean

After your computer has had a check-up, its speed, functionality and reliability should be noticeably improved. You’ll also feel confident that it’s been cleared of any potential threats. As well as virus, spyware and adware removal, we will run an optimization program which allows your computer to free up space and sort files more economically.

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