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Crashing or freezing!

We all know the feeling. You’re in the middle of something on your computer and suddenly it crashes, losing your work.


Computers crash and freeze for lots of reasons; glitches in operating system software, overheating caused by a faulty fan, or switching between programs when there’s insufficient memory. But the end result is the same: a slow computer you can’t depend on. If your computer is frequently crashing or freezing, it should be looked at by a professional.


We have extensive knowledge of how computers and laptops function. Once your appointment is booked, we will talk with you to discuss the problem you’re experiencing and find out what’s causing it. We will then take steps to resolve the issue, keeping you in the loop and informed at all times. We can even show you how to identify and solve the problem yourself for future reference.


Our staff can help you:

• Use ‘task manager’ to see what’s slowing your system down

• Identify software or hardware errors

• Uninstall unwanted programs

• Perform a virus check and remove viruses

• Install virus protection software

• Clear out a clogged-up system

• Install and re-install operating systems (Windows only)

• Recover from error messages

Start-up problems

Most start-up problems are related to hardware, not software. They can be caused by loose cables (mouse, keyboard, screen), failing internal components (i.e. the hard drive) or even an incorrectly fitted video card. If your support member identifies a hardware fault, he or she will advise you on having it repaired.

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