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Our Backup Service!

If your computer broke today, how much would you lose?

Computers aren’t always reliable and can sometimes crash without warning. For this reason it’s vital to make a back-up of the important files on your hard drive. Many people know this, but still don’t back up regularly; maybe it slips their mind, maybe they don’t know how, or maybe they assume their computer won’t break.

The only sure way to protect your photos, music and documents is to regularly back them up.

What should I backup?

It’s not necessary to back up the entire contents of your computer. However there are certain files along with your media and documents - that you should safeguard to avoid being at a total loss should your computer crash. These include:

  • Music and videos
  • Software downloaded from the internet
  • Photos and videos
  • Important information, i.e.  financial documents
  • Internet browser bookmarks
  • Email contacts

We can advise you on how to back up your information, and offer you technical support should you ever lose any data.

What do I Need?

Storing files on an external hard drive (a gadget that plugs into your computer) is a great way of backing up files and preventing your computer from becoming cluttered. There are also many types of free online backup solutions and back-up software available.

Our staff can help you:

  • Understand the benefits of backing up your documents
  • Install or purchase the best back-up solution
  • Show you how to back up your files

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